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Vidar the Dragon

Incense Stick Holder.

This dragon ornament comprises of two parts, the top part being the dragon, and a base on which it sits. The dragon can be used independent of the base, therefore using a smaller footprint. The dragon and the base has soft protective pads on the bottom to protect the surface it's placed on. Vidar is a friendly pet dragon.


Vidar the Dragon 1

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Vidar the Dragon


Order Number VID-0914

Vidar the Dragon 2

Measures approximately 12.1/2" high.

Vidar the Dragon 3

Ben the Viking

Vidar the Dragon 4

9" Incense stick suitable.

Vidar the Dragon 5

The perfect gift for any dragon collector.

Vidar the Dragon 6

Every dragon is completely handcrafted, and painted in iridescent colours by hand, so finishes will vary slightly, making each dragon unique.

Vidar the Dragon 7

Base footprint measures approximately 9.1/2" long x 5.1/4" wide.

Vidar the Dragon 8

Base with Incense Stick

Vidar the Dragon Incense Stick and base

Can also be used without base to give a smaller footprint of approximately 4.3/8" x 4.3/4".

Vidar the Dragon without Base

Reproduced in Cornwall from our original sculpture by Firky.